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We performed an in-depth investigation of how brewing parameters affect the quality of drip-brew coffee. The total dissolved solids and percent extraction were systematically varied for different roast levels and brew temperatures, and the corresponding impact on the sensory descriptive attributes and consumer hedonic liking scores were measured using our expert panel and a large consumer cohort, respectively. In this talk we describe these results in detail and discuss the implications for an updated version of the classic coffee brewing control chart.

Presented By:
William Ristenpart - Professor, the University of California, Davis.
Thu, Apr 30, 2020 · 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
William Ristenpart
Professor, UC Davis
William Ristenpart is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of California Davis. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University and did his post-doctoral work at Harvard University. At UC Davis he developed the course "Design of Coffee: An Introduction to Chemical Engineering," which now teaches more than 2000 students per year. He is also the founding director of the U.C. Davis Coffee Center, the mission of which is to advance the state of research and education focused on the world’s most popular complex fluid.