SPC’s Adam Gendell will sit down with Mike Werner, Lead for Circular Economy at Google who will provide his perspective on topics centered around circularity, zeroing in on the initiatives Google is leading to pair together technology and sustainability as well as projects around communicating recyclability; toxicity information; sustainable finance and chemical recycling.
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    Adam Gendell
    Associate Director SPC, GreenBlue
    Adam Gendell is the Associate Director of GreenBlue's flagship project, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Adams work with the packaging value chain touches on goal-setting, design considerations, and stakeholder engagement. Most recently, Adam spearheaded a collaboration between packaging trade associations, recycling-focused NGOs, and government agencies to conduct a robust nationwide study on consumer access to recycling systems. Since joining GreenBlue in 2010, Adam has developed and delivered training seminars for hundreds of packaging professionals and he has brought together stakeholder groups to lead work on topics ranging from life-cycle-oriented design to substantiation data for FTC-compliant recyclability claims. Adam also orchestrates the Coalitions Fall conference SPC Advance. Adam coordinates several Industry Leadership Committees and is a frequent speaker and writer on sustainability topics. In 2013 Adam served on the PAC NEXT Leadership Council.
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    Mike Werner
    Lead for Circular Economy, Google
    Mike is Lead for Circular Economy at Google where he is responsible for leading the organization to eliminate waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and drive the development and use of safer chemistry and healthy materials across their operations, products, and supply chains and enable others to do the same. While at Google, Mike also led the product sustainability and environmental compliance team in their consumer hardware division.

    Prior to Google, Mike led safer chemistry and biocompatibility initiatives at Apple and product sustainability for Haworth Inc, a global contract office furniture manufacturer. Mike has worked in the green building and product design space for 15 years including with renowned green architect Bill McDonough.

    Mike holds a BS in Chemistry from Villanova University. In addition to serving on the board of directors for the Healthy Building Network, he also serves on advisory boards for several organizations including the Green Science Policy Institute, ChemForward, and Materiom.org. Mike previously served as a sustainability advisor to the Department of Homeland Security and National Institute of Building Sciences.