The Cepi recyclability laboratory test method defines a laboratory procedure emulating the most relevant phases (pulping, screening, sheet formation) of a typical paper mill dedicated to the recycling of the most common grades of paper and board without deinking technology or other special features.

Cepi published version 1 of the test method in January 2021. During the development Of the work, a lot of tests based on this method were carried out. The test institutes gathered valuable information and experience enabling the method to be further developed. As a result, the version 2 of the Cepi recyclability laboratory test method was finalized in July 2022.
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    Tom Pollock
    Director of Strategic Partnerships SPC, GreenBlue
    Tom Pollock is Director of Member Engagement, SPC,GreenBlue who works across supply chains and industries from global brands to family forest owners. Tom believes that affecting meaningful change comes through the power of collaboration, cultivating communities of leadership thinking, and creative problem-solving. Tom leads SPC Forest Products, a coalition of companies across industry sectors that are working together to support thriving forests. He serves as GreenBlues lead on Forests in Focus; a next-generation sourcing platform that brings data and visibility to forest products supply chains in order to support forests and the benefits they provide including clean air and water, wildlife, and combating climate change. Tom regularly speaks at industry events and also provides advisory services on topics related to sustainable supply chains, corporate environmental strategy, and measuring sustainable performance. Tom holds an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a BA in English from the University of Iowa.
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    Maria Georgiadou
    Recycling Manager, Confederation of European Paper Industries
    Maria Georgiadou is Recycling Manager at the Confederation of European Paper Industries – Cepi. She has been working in the paper industry since 2021. She is an EU policy professional, with a focus on circularity, recyclability, and waste management. She has five years of experience on EU policy and public affairs. Maria has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Leiden University and a master’s Degree in European Public Affairs from Maastricht University.
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    Guy Lacey
    Operations Director, DS Smith
    Guy Lacey is Operations Director for DS Smith’s Kemsley Mill in the UK, 30 miles south-east from London. Kemsley Mill is the largest mill in the DS Smith network, the largest mill in the UK and second largest 100% recycled mill in Europe producing up to 840,000 metric tonnes per annum of 100% recycled corrugated case materials.

    With over 26 years’ experience in the paper industry, all of it from Paper for Recycling, Guy has held roles in Technical, Operations and R&D with particular experience in the building, commissioning and operation of large scale recycling plants. As a result, he represented DS Smith in the CEPI 4evergreen programme’s expert group responsible for developing the Harmonised Test Method being presented today.