In this panel session, our invited panelists will talk about how the next generation of policy should evolve to increase recovery; the increased push to develop new next markets for post-consumer glass and to showcase the voices of glass recyclers, government experts in the topic, and end-users that want to make sure glass continues a sustainable path where valuable materials stay in circulation.
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    Adam Gendell
    Associate Director SPC, GreenBlue
    Adam Gendell is the Associate Director of GreenBlue's flagship project, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Adams work with the packaging value chain touches on goal-setting, design considerations, and stakeholder engagement. Most recently, Adam spearheaded a collaboration between packaging trade associations, recycling-focused NGOs, and government agencies to conduct a robust nationwide study on consumer access to recycling systems. Since joining GreenBlue in 2010, Adam has developed and delivered training seminars for hundreds of packaging professionals and he has brought together stakeholder groups to lead work on topics ranging from life-cycle-oriented design to substantiation data for FTC-compliant recyclability claims. Adam also orchestrates the Coalitions Fall conference SPC Advance. Adam coordinates several Industry Leadership Committees and is a frequent speaker and writer on sustainability topics. In 2013 Adam served on the PAC NEXT Leadership Council.
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    Megan Mansfield Pryor
    Environmental Specialist, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
    Megan Pryor is an environmental specialist with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, where she oversees and administers the architectural paint, mercury thermostat, and mercury lamp product stewardship programs and provides outreach, education, and technical assistance to municipalities and businesses to meet specific situational needs in waste reduction and recycling efforts. Megan holds a graduate certificate in sustainable development and a bachelors degree in environmental planning and policy from the University of Southern Maine.
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    Katie Wallace
    Director, Social & Environmental Impact, New Belgium Brewing
    Katie Wallace is the Director of Social & Environmental Impact at New Belgium Brewing, where she has been for 16 years. As a pioneer in corporate sustainability and B Corp business models, Katie leads the company’s work to address pressing issues like climate change, diversity/inclusion, and economic equality. Her team works toward these goals through operational sustainability initiatives, philanthropy, policy advocacy, brand-based advocacy, and coworker culture.

    Katie sits on the executive team at New Belgium. She is the cofounder of the Glass Recycling Coalition and the Brewers Association Sustainability Committee. Before joining the sustainability team at New Belgium, Katie’s experience includes water quality, finance, sales & marketing, and supply chain planning. She holds degrees in Finance and Economics as well as a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology where she studied approaches to advancing a culture of social and environmental change in organizations.

    New Belgium Brewing is a nationally distributed brand based out of Colorado and North Carolina. They are the makers of Voodoo Ranger IPA and Fat Tire Amber Ale, the nation’s first Certified Carbon Neutral beer. NBB is a Certified B Corporation and a founding member of 1% For The Planet.
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    Nicole Milsap
    Principal Packaging Innovation, E. & J. Gallo Winery
    Nicole joined the winery in 2012, bringing with her more than 14 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Her prior roles in manufacturing and R&D give her a unique packaging perspective in regards to potential commercialization challenges, technical interaction watch-outs, and consumer functional and sustainability expectations. Nicole’s responsibilities at the winery include scouting new packaging innovation, understanding consumer packaging needs, and helping the winery chart its path within the sustainable packaging space. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Certification in Sustainable Business from the University of Virginia McIntire Business Institute.
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    John Sadlier
    Chief Sustainability Officer, Ardagh Group
    John Sadlier is the Chief Sustainability Officer in the Ardagh Group, a role he commenced in November last year. Prior to that, John served as the Chief Procurement Officer of the company, responsible for managing all aspects of Ardagh’s inbound supply agenda.

    Prior to joining the Ardagh Group in 2007, John worked for Microsoft, Dell, Munekata Ireland and Ricoh, spending time living on the US and Japan as well as Ireland. He received an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree from University College Dublin.
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    Laura Hennemann
    VP Marketing and Communications, Strategic Materials
    With over a decade of experience in marketing & communications, Laura joined Strategic Materials in 2016, bringing a background in industrial by-product recycling and commercialization in 32 countries. Today, Laura handles many recycling industry challenges through coordination with trade organizations - she is an active member for the Glass Recycling Coalition, the Glass Packaging Institute Communications team and serves as an Executive Board Member on the Glass Recycling Foundation (501c3 non-profit). She also works with many industry-leading companies to promote and grow their sustainability programs for glass recycling including beer, wine & spirits, food & beverage, industrial equipment manufacturers, and tech companies. Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Master of Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University.
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    Scott DeFife
    President, Glass Packaging Institute