The possibilities of using wood-fiber for what seems to be an endless range of products and services seems to grow by the day. Nanocellulose. Bioenergy. Plastic from the forest. Skyscrapers. It is a very exciting time for wood. Hear from this expert panel about what the future holds for wood-fiber and what that means in terms of benefits for the environment and for ourselves.
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    Tom Pollock
    Associate Director Forest Products, GreenBlue
    Tom Pollock is a Senior Manager at GreenBlue who works across supply chains and industries from global brands to family forest owners. Tom believes that affecting meaningful change comes through the power of collaboration, cultivating communities of leadership thinking, and creative problem-solving. Tom leads SPC Forest Products, a coalition of companies across industry sectors that are working together to support thriving forests. He serves as GreenBlues lead on Forests in Focus; a next-generation sourcing platform that brings data and visibility to forest products supply chains in order to support forests and the benefits they provide including clean air and water, wildlife, and combating climate change. Tom regularly speaks at industry events and also provides advisory services on topics related to sustainable supply chains, corporate environmental strategy, and measuring sustainable performance. Tom holds an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a BA in English from the University of Iowa.
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    Dr. Pekka Leskinen
    Head of Bioeconomy Programme, European Forest Institute
    Prof. Dr. Pekka Leskinen is Head of Bioeconomy Programme at the European Forest Institute (EFI). Among others, the Bioeconomy Programme will advance knowledge on sustainable bioeconomy and bioeconomy markets. Prof. Leskinen has almost 25-year research experience on sustainable use of natural resources and decision analysis. Currently his research interests include circular bioeconomy, multi-criteria analysis and life cycle assessment. Prof. Leskinen has extensive coordination experience of research teams and projects, and strong publication record including 95 peer-reviewed publications. He holds PhD degree in statistical modelling. Before EFI, he has worked as a Research Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute, and for joint professor position of Finnish Environment Institute and University of Eastern Finland.
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    Paige Goff
    VP Sustainability, Domtar
    Paige Goff is Vice President of Sustainability at Domtar, which design, manufacture, market and distributes a wide variety of communication and specialty papers, market pulp and absorbent hygiene products. In this role, Goff is responsible for communicating Domtar’s key sustainability and business initiatives to all internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, she develops and leads all partnerships with environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and oversees sustainability communications for Domtar customers.

    Goff is responsible for identifying and leveraging the latest sustainability trends to strengthen and support all facets of Domtar’s business. She drives communications strategy across the pulp and paper division, and leads a team that communicates Domtar’s differentiating sustainability and innovation stories to key audiences. Additionally, Goff has developed and implemented numerous advocacy and education campaigns, as well as community engagement efforts, on behalf of the company.

    Goff joined Domtar in 2004, building upon 21 years of experience in the forest products industry. Prior to her current role, she was also the Senior Manager, Brand and Advertising Operations as well as Product Packaging Manager. Before joining Domtar, Goff worked at both Weyerhaeuser and Resolute Forest Products (formerly Bowater). She has a Master of Business Administration degree.
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    Anna Papagrigoraki
    Sustainability Director, CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries)
    Anna Papagrigoraki is the Sustainability Director at Cepi, the European Confederation of Paper Industries, since 2019. Prior to Cepi, Anna has held positions in PlasticsEurope where she was part of the Advocacy team and CEFS, the EU Sugar Manufacturers Association as an Environment & Agricultural Advisor. She has experience in environmental policy topics ranging from industrial emissions and circular economy to climate change and life-cycle-assessment. Anna has Masters in Civil Engineering (2009) and MSc in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (2010) from the University of Southampton.
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    Shahriare Mahmood
    Director of Sustainability, Spinnova Ltd
    Shahriare Mahmood is a sustainability enthusiastic, researcher and professional in sustainability in fashion industry. He has become a sustainability leader in textile-apparel industry through the relevant technical expertise and vast experience over two decades. The profound knowledge gathered through comprehensive working experience in almost all stages of textile-apparel supply chain operations. Simultaneously, he was involved in research to contribute further in academic arena with the intention to enrich with substantive sustainable aspects. He has a deep expertise in process optimization in this industry aiming on environmental sustainability. He is the proponent for product sustainability as a part of the total sustainability. Textile circularity is of his particular interest and he would like to encash his expertise for integrating the concept in the textile-apparel supply chain. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm towards total sustainability allows him to work beyond his area of responsibility. He has elected and served as a member advisory council of amfori, a global organization promotes sustainability in supply chain operation. The growing concern on environmental pollution and social compliance, fashion industry remains in focus globally. And therefore, he has the vision to carry on the good work both in industry and in academies.