Many CPG companies and retailers are making impressive commitments towards reducing packaging waste, enhancing the use of recycled materials, ensuring packaging recyclability, and investigating reusable alternatives. While these goals are equal parts aspirational and challenging, they are also aligned with progressive state-level legislation emerging across the United States, and it's only a matter of time until companies are required to change.

Join us as we discuss how to unlock your packaging efforts and unblock the pathways to successful transformation. You'll hear from a seasoned leader who holds both a CPG and retailer perspective, and will share wisdom, insight, practical solutions, and actionable strategies to advance your packaging initiatives.

During this time we'll discuss:

- Understanding the Stakes: Why is the commitment to reducing packaging waste and embracing sustainability more critical now than ever, and what immediate actions can companies take to align with this vision?

- Strategic Foundations: In initiating a sustainable packaging strategy, what are the key considerations for companies to ensure they are setting a robust and achievable roadmap?

- Ensuring Success: Once a strategy is in place, what are the pivotal steps companies should focus on to enhance the likelihood of a smooth and successful implementation?

- Leveraging Collective Knowledge: How can companies effectively utilize existing industry resources and networks to bolster their sustainability efforts and ensure long-term success?
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    Kim Carswell
    Advisor, GreenBlue Navigate
    Kim is a seasoned leader in sustainable packaging with over 40 years of experience working in the CPG (General Mills and Kraft) and retail (Target) space. Kim has built and continues to foster a strong network of experts across the packaging value chain. She has learned the key to delivering results is to collaborate with key partners and stakeholders to drive positive impact.
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    Mike Tannenbaum, Moderator
    Director, Optimization & Sustainability, GreenBlue
    Prior to joining GreenBlue, Mike worked at The Recycling Partnership as their first Director of Organizational Effectiveness, where he led initiatives resulting in more effective cross-functional collaboration and more efficient internal operations. As a long-time sustainability advocate with 15+ years of design, strategy, and operations experience spanning startups and enterprise organizations, Mike brings an extensive background in helping teams accelerate progress by working together more effectively. Since graduating from Ithaca College, where he studied business and communications, Mike has collaborated with teams across technology, healthcare, finance, entertainment, retail, and environmental impact organizations.