Aurelie will focus on shopper behavior and how to encourage people to act on their intent shop greener. She will share learnings on reactions to sustainable packaging, insights on how best to convey environmental features/benefits and implications for testing new packs. Scott will focus on consumer behavior and how to help people form more sustainable habits in their lives (such as recycling, re-usage, eating habits, etc.). He will share frameworks and processes for creating effective interventions (“nudges”) to influence behavior, along with several recent case studies.
Attendees will come away with an introduction to behavioral science and practical insights to improve the marketing of sustainable packaging - and to promote the formation of positive, sustainable consumer behaviors.
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    Lauren Rowell
    Project Manager, How2Recycle, GreenBlue
    Lauren Rowell is a project manager for the How2Recycle labeling program. She works closely with brands and retailers to assist in internal implementation of How2Recycle, and empowering them to improve their packaging portfolio's recyclability. Lauren believes in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration to aid in our environmental crisis, and loves being able to work with companies that keep their consumers and our environment in mind.
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    Scott Young
    SVP, BVA Group
    Scott Young is a Senior Vice President of the BVA Group. He assumed this role after 20 years leading PRS IN VIVO, a Top-25 global shopper insights agency serving clients such as Unilever, Colgate and Pfizer, among many others. Scott is the author of two books Winning at Retail and Starting with the Shopper - and he frequently speaks at Insights, Marketing and Design industry events and guest lectures at MBA programs. Scott is passionate about finding win-win-win opportunities (that benefit companies, consumers and society) and in applying behavioral science to help individuals and organizations make better decisions and adopt healthier, more sustainable habits.
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    Aurelie LeCarpentier
    Director, PRS IN VIVO
    Aurelie is Director, Behavioural Qualitative at PRS IN VIVO in London. She leads international market research initiatives, applying behavioural science to guide clients to tangible solutions. Aurelie is an expert in shopper & packaging research and is passionate about consumer behaviour related to pack sustainability. Aurelie graduated from Kings College London with an MSc in International marketing, and also holds a Masters degree in Communications Sciences from Paris-Sorbonne CELSA University.