Women's Work: Welcome!
About This Webinar
Designed to help empower women returning to the workforce following an extended absence, the Women's Work series is comprised of short 15-minute mini sessions that focus on building confidence and career skills, no matter where you are on your career path.
Leslie Witty
Leslie Witty knows about returning to the workforce following an extended absence as she has lived it personally.

After teaching high school for years within the Warren County School System (earning the title of "Outstanding Young Educator" her second year of teaching) she decided to leave the workforce to focus on raising her growing family. It was also during this time that she experienced major health issues including multiple brain and spinal cord surgeries. All in all, Leslie was away from the workforce ten years when she first attempted to return. Through her experience and expertise, she is committed to help empower other women in similar situations who are ready to return to work.

As the Vice President of Outreach and Communications for the South Central Workforce Development Board since January 2019, Leslie Witty furthers her career span in education and workforce development to nearly 30 years. She has created, delivered and managed an extensive number of soft skill courses and programs, both for the workplace and for college students. Her extensive experience in Communication can also be seen through the marketing, branding and social media she produces for the South Central Workforce Development Board.

A lifelong Kentuckian, Witty is passionate about strengthening Ky’s workforce, economic development, and its educational opportunities/attainment.
This webinar will show you…
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    What is Women's Work?
    Learn what the Women's Work initiative is about and how it can help you return to the workforce.
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    Why is Women's Work important?
    Learn why addressing these issues can lead to better understanding from employers and better jobs for you.
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    How Can I Benefit?
    Learn techniques that will help to not only you boost your confidence but also your career skills.