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John Harnage is a Thermographer and Inventor who resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Join him as he details his humble beginnings in the field, his endeavors along the way and his latest creation that comes at a time when businesses need it the most.
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    John Harnage
    Over the years John has remained dedicated to helping others understand thermal imaging while enhancing their exposure to FLIR products. He has assisted others in education or the implementation of FLIR thermal imaging programs in a very diverse base. Industrial, Equine, Roofing, Energy Loss, Home Inspectors, Data Centers are really just a few areas we have helped build a solid knowledge based thermal imaging program. The KY Thermal Institute has already began to prove that it will be a strong partner in the future of the Thermography Industry.

    Kentucky Thermal Inspections was established in 2006 as a basic home inspection firm and has steadily grown to provide property consultation services to a wide variety of clients across the country. Clients range from residential to industrial properties and have included projects with NASA, Oak Ridge National Lab and numerous other high end clients . Leading this multi-employee thermal imaging and home inspection firm has allowed John to develop relationships with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Having personally acquired over 175 hours of residential building science education as well as over 125 hours of thermal imaging certifications has allowed him to transfer this knowledge by providing national and regional education seminars to others interested in the thermal imaging industry.