You’re Invited: Join Soul Machines Co-Founder & CBO, Greg Cross and learn how Digital People will help brands redefine the customer experience in a powerful and safe new way.

Crisis provokes re-evaluation of how customers interact with our brands, from retail shopping experiences to online customer support. COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation to a Digital Now agenda which has fast-forwarded the role of AI and its value.

In this webinar, you will learn about how brand and customer experience are rapidly shifting to digital and zero touch. Learn about how Artificial General Intelligence, Digital People, create safer, smarter, and more thoughtful customer interactions.

What you will learn by attending:
1. How AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) Digital People learn & engage
2. Digital People can help reinvent Customer Experience
3. CX and Zero Touch Use Case

Soul Machines is the leader in astonishing AGI whose Autonomous Animation, featuring a patented Digital Brain, makes it possible to deliver the goodness of human and machine collaboration providing safe, engaging, and powerful brand to consumer experience.

Details About the Webinar

About the Speaker

1589552449-e3ee0a173b7f5212 Greg Cross
Co-Founder and CBO of Soul Machines

Greg Cross is Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder at Soul Machines, the leader in astonishing AGI whose Human OS Platform, featuring a patented Digital Brain makes it possible to deliver the goodness of human and machine collaboration. Soul Machines Digital People create a safe, engaging, scalable and powerful brand experience.

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