This webinar discusses how the University of Michigan has implemented a new next-generation sequencing (NGS) capture-based solution to assess myeloid malignancies while minimizing required laboratory resources.

The evolution of molecular oncology presents enormous challenges for laboratories, including:

-Selecting clinically relevant genomic regions using the most up-to-date medical evidence
-Designing and optimizing an advanced NGS solution
-Implementing bioinformatics technology for accurate variant calling
-Utilizing expertise for variant annotation and interpretation

In this webinar, Dr. Noah Brown of the University of Michigan will discuss how his team worked with SOPHiA GENETICS to develop an NGS solution to keep pace with the ever-evolving recommendations and clinical guidelines for myeloid malignancies.

In particular, he will describe:

-The optimization of laboratory resources and rationale for external collaboration
-Myeloid panel design considerations
-The process of implementing this new NGS capture-based solution
-Analytical performance
-Experience with this platform in routine testing

Disclaimer notice:
The term SOPHIA used by the speaker refers to SOPHiA GENETICS and its products.
The opinions expressed during this presentation are these of the speaker and may not represent the opinions of SOPHiA GENETICS.
SOPHiA GENETICS does not provide support in the validation of custom products for clinical use.
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Noah Brown, MD
Director of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, Director of the Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship, Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Michigan
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