Giving your children a strong mathematical foundation is essential to their future success. But what do you do when high school math scares you – you aren’t good at it, you don’t like it, or maybe you’re a mathematician, but your kids hate math? Get it right the first time with Gretchen Roe from Demme Learning. She’ll teach you how to make a plan, set goals, and actually achieve them! You don’t have to spend the semester in tears. Math is a language she’ll help you decipher, so you can meet your child’s needs where they’re at. She’ll dive into calculators, college considerations, self-direction, logic, testing, and more. Sharpen your pencils and get ready to find solutions to your math struggles. You don’t have to settle for only enjoying a fraction of your homeschool.

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1615927326-3ae163a9733e6f16 Gretchen Roe
Community Relations Coordinator with Demme Learning

Gretchen Roe has 21 years of home education experience with her six children, five of whom are now college graduates. With a degree in Psychology and Child Development, she has spent the last 26 years in positions of homeschool advocacy, having a special bond with families of children who have to work harder to learn. A former business owner, she has served on a variety of nonprofit boards. A Placement Specialist with Demme Learning since 2014, Gretchen now serves as the company’s Community Relations Coordinator. She loves the outdoors, all things furry, chicken raising, beekeeping, and is a second-degree Taekwondo Black Belt.

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