Many people choose to homeschool with a literature-based curriculum because they love books, or maybe they want their children to love books. But how do you manage all the books Sonlight offers? Our literature showcases different perspectives, exposes you to works you may never have discovered on your own, and some are downright controversial. What do you do when you don’t have time to read everything, don’t enjoy every book, your kids are struggling to pay attention, or you disagree with the author’s views? Can you still homeschool successfully with Sonlight? Yes, you can! In this month’s Homeschool Helps & Hacks, experienced Sonlighters share how to modify your curriculum to fit your family’s unique needs and why there might be some value in books you wouldn’t normally consider.

Bring your questions and connect with us on Thursday, February 16, at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.
  • Deciding what modifications to make
  • Explaining what you believe
  • Determining if a difficult book is worth finishing
  • Necessary conversations and when they're appropriate
  • Managing bias or false information
  • How read-alouds assist struggling readers
  • Why Sonlight chose THAT book
  • And more!
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    Sunny Raybern
    Community & Social Media Manager
    Sunny has loved books for as long as she can remember. Her own parents discovered Sonlight at a convention and knew the literature and history focus would be perfect for her. She never planned to homeschool her own children past pre-k, but when her daughter learned to read, she was hooked. She has educated both of her children entirely with Sonlight. In her spare time, Sunny enjoys reading (of course), musicals, hiking, and being in or near water.
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    Lisa Fountain
    Homeschoool Veteran & Sonlight Mentor
    Lisa is the mom of three wonderful children, two of whom are married. Her youngest is a freshman in college this year. Lisa’s oldest went to public school from the beginning and she homeschooled the younger two with Sonlight. Lisa has used every level from B-400. When she is not homeschooling she enjoys running, going to the beach, reading and sewing.
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    Christie Cook
    Homeschool Mom, Sonlight Consultant & Mentor
    Christie first encountered Sonlight Curriculum in 1997 when she was teaching the children of another family overseas. As a former classroom teacher, she was so impressed with the curriculum that in 2009 she made it her choice for educating her four sons. She and her husband have been married for twenty-two years and have been homeschooling with Sonlight for the past 14. They have utilized Sonlight programs from preschool to high school. Through the years they have enjoyed watching each of their boys develop a variety of interests and strengths based on their unique personalities and their learning with Sonlight. This year they will have a middle schooler, two high schoolers, and a college student. Their second oldest will graduate this spring! Christie enjoys meeting and encouraging homeschooling families and helping them find solutions for the homeschool journey!