Learn about Amazon web scraping by joining an engaging discussion on the intricacies of eCommerce data collection!

In this webinar, we will guide you through the choice between proxies and scraping APIs and provide practical advice for varying budgets and levels of technical expertise. The session explores the legal aspects of scraping Amazon, addresses common challenges users face, and offers insights into the seamless integration of data collection tools into existing processes.

Join us for valuable insights, step-by-step demonstrations, and expert tips on scraping smart, not hard. See you there!
  • Proxies vs. web scraping APIs: which one to choose?
  • What data is it possible to extract from Amazon?
  • A step-by-step Amazon web scraping tutorial.
  • Is it legal to scrape Amazon?
  • How to overcome the most common Amazon scraping challenges?
  • How to integrate Smartproxy's Scraping APIs into existing workflows?
  • 1702892111-ee09ff07513e4782
    Nathan Farrette
    Sales Team Lead
    Nathan's in-depth expertise comes from daily communication with clients, where he helps to find the best web scraping solutions. The Sales representative is equipped to lead the discussion on eCommerce scraping and provide our viewers with valuable insights.
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    Paulius Taraškevičius
    Research and Development Manager
    Paulius is a true scraping guru responsible for developing Smartproxy's data collection tools. In this webinar, the expert will share his tech knowledge and behind-the-scenes insights in eCommerce web scraping.