Join two industry experts for a discussion about the challenges of web scraping in 2023 and learn how to overcome them.
  • The state of scraping in 2023
  • The main ways of extracting data
  • Scraping challenges: CAPTCHAs, bans, antibots
  • How to be untraceable: fingerprinting and the right proxies
  • JavaScript scraping
  • Parsing and presenting data in a clear way
  • Common scraping mistakes and how to avoid them
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    Pierluigi Vinciguerra
    Founder of The Web Scraping Club and CTO at Re Analytics
    Pierluigi spent the past ten years creating web scrapers and applied his knowledge by co-founding businesses that employ the power of scraping. In 2022, he started The Web Scraping Club, a knowledge hub about web scraping.
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    Martin Ganchev
    VP of Partnerships
    Martin's extensive scraping knowledge stems from consulting clients to find the best solution for their use cases. He knows the best data gathering tools 'n' practices, and is always ready to help you with all things scraping.