If you are a Marketing Principal at an A/E/C firm, it is likely that there have been times when you questioned whether or not your firm's marketing and business development efforts are as effective as they could be. If you are still relying on word of mouth, relationships, and your resume, then you are most certainly behind.

Learn about Account-Based Marketing and how it can lower the cost of client acquisition and drive revenue for your firm. Learn how top A/E/C firms are utilizing ABM to:

  • Engage with potential buyers online

  • Elevate their brand visibility and reputation

  • Generate qualified leads more affordably than traditional BD methods

  • Gain a competitive edge on specific project pursuits

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been used by the world's leading B2B brands for nearly two decades and A/E/C firms are rapidly adopting the methodology. ABM enables firms to align their marketing and business development resources with the firm's highest value clients and targets and specific key pursuits. It's a strategic methodology that yields enormous benefits, including:

  • The ability to actually measure marketing ROI

  • Increased efficiency and reduction of marketing waste

  • Alignment of strategic business goals with marketing and business development investments

  • Faster speed to market with affordable scalability

  • More accountability for seller-doers, business development professionals, and marketing teams

  • Increased win rates with the clients you covet the most

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Judy Sparks
Judy Sparks founded Smartegies in 2008 and since then has worked with over 200 leading brands in the built environment. Ranging from large international design and construction firms to small 1-2 person start-ups, she helps companies build a stronger brand, develop winning strategies, communicate their story, and implement effective social/digital campaigns. In 2016, Judy began teaching an integrated marketing incubator course for undergraduate and graduate studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Design. The course is designed to prepare students to bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world marketing challenges found in professional design firms.
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