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Boosting Agent Production in a Down Market: Habit, Time, & Accountability

Join us for an interactive session that dives deep into driving agent productivity, even in the face of market downturns. If you've ever wondered about the key strategies employed by top brokerages to navigate the challenges of a tough market, this webinar is tailor-made for you!

Special Guest Appearance: We're thrilled to have Erin Torres, President at Livian, as our esteemed guest. Leveraging her vast experience and expertise at the helm of Livian, Erin will share invaluable insights and lessons from her journey, enriching the session with her firsthand experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Power of Habit: Unearth strategies to cultivate powerful habits in agents that will pave the way for sustained success.

  2. Time Blocking Mastery: Discover how agents can harness the art of time blocking, maximizing their most precious asset and building consistent habits in the process.

  3. Culture of Accountability: Delve into the essence of what it takes to foster a culture where every agent takes ownership and accountability seriously.

Gain insight from our journey of scaling a national brand. We'll share the challenges faced in maintaining a strong culture of accountability and the strategies that made the difference.Plus, we'll discuss:

  • Top-performing activities that promise results in a down market.

  • Pitfalls every agent should sidestep in the current market scenario.

  • Pro-tips and advice to keep the spirits high and productivity soaring, no matter how tough the market gets!

Equip yourself with the tools, strategies, and mindset to empower your agents and sail through challenging market terrains with ease.
Vice President, Operations at Livian
Erin McCormick Torres is the Vice President of Operations at Livian. She has over 10 years of experience leading digital marketing teams in various industries, including food, health, K-12 education, and higher education. Erin is responsible for overseeing the Livian Leadership and Hub teams, which handle listing management, transaction coordination, finance, marketing, lead generation, client care, agent services, industry research and innovation, and recruitment. Thanks to her wealth of experience, Erin is well-equipped to handle the various challenges that come with her role.
Director of Community, Sisu
Sisu is a fast growing Real Estate technology company that helps RE business owners streamline the flow of their data to provide them more reporting and intelligence in their businesses. As the Director of Community at Sisu, I’m dedicated to growing the network of business owners leveraging Sisu to achieve operational excellence through ambassador relations and social proof. Feel free to reach out if you’re curious about how Sisu is helping Real Estate business owners become more successful!