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Leading a real estate team to soaring heights requires a blend of vision, strategy, and execution. But achieving over 700 transactions in a forecast? That's a masterclass. So, how does Spring Bengtzen's team at Utah Life Realty Group set their sights on such ambitious goals? The secret lies in a surprisingly simple tech stack.

In this enlightening case study, dive into the specifics of Spring's approach and learn how simplicity in technology is driving their success. This webinar will unpack:

  • Tackling Market Dynamics: Delve into how Spring's team is interpreting and leveraging market trends to their advantage.

  • Strategic Vision & Execution: Unearth the visionary planning and precise execution behind their ambitious target for 2023.

  • Building and Nurturing Elite Teams: Gain firsthand knowledge on Spring's method to attract, inspire, and retain her powerhouse team.

  • Standing Out in a Competitive Arena: Learn the unique tactics that set Spring's team apart in the vast real estate landscape.

  • Cultivating Client Loyalty: Find out the core principles that ensure client satisfaction and lead to repeat business.

  • Mastering a Simple Tech Stack: Get an inside look into how selecting and integrating the right tech tools can lead to streamlined operations and immense growth.

  • Aiming high and equipping oneself with the right tools and strategies can transform challenges into milestones. Register now for this revealing case study and empower yourself with insights to elevate your team's performance to unparalleled levels.
    CEO of Utah Life Real Estate
    Spring Bengtzen, a successful Real Estate Broker, Mentor, Entrepreneur, CEO, and Owner of The Utah Life Real Estate Group, leads the top real estate team along the Wasatch Front.

    Real estate is her team's primary vehicle for personal growth and wealth. Their set of beliefs are their #1 asset and nurturing this culture is her #1 investment. It's because of this high-performance standard that Spring's team produces over 450 transactions a year. ​

    She’s committed to building wealth for herself and for her agents by creating profitable businesses within the real estate space.

    In 2021, Spring's vision to create impact, meaning, and success led her to join REAL Brokerage, a tech-powered real estate brokerage for agents and teams.
    Director of Community, Sisu
    Sisu is a fast growing Real Estate technology company that helps RE business owners streamline the flow of their data to provide them more reporting and intelligence in their businesses. As the Director of Community at Sisu, I’m dedicated to growing the network of business owners leveraging Sisu to achieve operational excellence through ambassador relations and social proof. Feel free to reach out if you’re curious about how Sisu is helping Real Estate business owners become more successful!
    Director of Sales & Partnerships, Sierra Interactive
    Newly-appointed Director of Sales and Partnerships at Sierra Interactive, Scott brings nearly two decades of multifaceted experience in the residential real estate industry. He offers a unique blend of operational expertise and tech know-how, having held leadership roles at and Top Producer, as well as significant positions at real estate agencies like Keller Williams Realty.