Arin Sime, founder and CEO of SimplyDoc, will share some of the best practices that our team at SimplyDoc has learned from our clients and our own experiences. We will cover topics such as cameras and microphones, lighting, room setup, technical troubleshooting, and more!

SimplyDoc is a care-driven, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution for medical and mental health practices of all sizes. Our telehealth platforms are highly configurable to meet your unique needs and workflow. See how SimplyDoc works at https://simplydoc.com/.
  • Cameras and microphones
  • Lighting and room setup
  • Technical troubleshooting
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    Arin Sime
    CEO/Founder of SimplyDoc
    Arin Sime is CEO and Founder of SimplyDoc, a care driven telehealth solution for medical groups and mental health practices. His team has built a customizable telehealth solution used in a variety of telehealth use cases. Arin brings over 20 years experience in technology and software development to an era where telehealth is rapidly becoming a crucial part of modern healthcare.