Posing a subject to convey connection is tricky enough. When photographing teens, you may face the added complexity of a subject who is uncomfortable in front of a camera, or who may not trust you (a complete stranger!) to capture them authentically.

Join photographer Mary Vance as she shares her expertise on working with Seniors, including how to put them at ease in front if your camera, her inclusive approach to photography, and her natural posing workflow to flatter all body types and abilities.

You'll learn to:
✓ Get your single-subject comfortable and confident with simple pose prompts
✓ Utilize a natural range of movement to flatter all bodies
✓ Incorporate commonly requested props into your workflow in creative ways
✓ Which poses to avoid and how to make them work  
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    Owner, Mary Vance Photography
    Mary Vance is a lifestyle photographer and videographer located in the suburbs of Seattle, Wa, where she specializes in high school senior portraiture. Over the past decade, Mary Vance has earned a reputation for creating connections in single-subject images as well as crafting inclusive experiences for her senior clients, specifically for those who are neurodiverse or identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Mary merges her past life as a professional dancer with her ease of interaction with teenagers to create natural posing workflows to flatter all bodies. She also speaks Gen Z slang fluently.

    Mary has shared her approach to senior photography thru speaking engagements with Imaging USA, WPPI, Squarespace, the RangeFinder Lounge, The North City Studio, on podcasts, as a guest in masterminds, and at retreats. Her work and words have been seen in Professional Photographer magazine and RangeFinder.com. Mary Vance has been educating in one form or another for over 20 years.
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    Director, Customer Engagement at ShootProof