During a time of social distancing and fear-based leadership, the Global Youth Leadership Summit seeks to create healthier communities through Revolutionary Leadership. Times are changing rapidly and the need for young leaders to evolve is at an all-time high. This summit are for the ages of 11 to 17 years old, but moms and dads you are more than welcome too!
  • Daily Devotionals with David Prosper
  • Revolutionary Guest Speakers
  • Hip Hop & Dance Performances
  • Daily Leadership Lessons
  • Daily Workout Sessions
David Prosper
Founder - Global Youth Leadership Summit
A warm smile, approachable, caring, and a nurturing heart are a few characteristics to describe David. He believes that when leaders get better; families get better, communities get better, schools get better, the government gets better and the world gets better.

David is an award-winning speaker, National Speakers Association Graduate, TEDx speaker, Certified Leadership & Communication Trainer, Youth Leader, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, 3x Collegiate Football Champion, Social Impact Entrepreneur, husband to Audrey, loving father and a disciple of Jesus.
Ryan Hartley
Leadership Expert
Ryan Hartley is a Leadership and Mindset coach from Wiltshire, England. He helps people lead with love and serve with purpose and believes the impact of the leaders he helps develop will create a world that is Always Better than Yesterday, one person, one team, and one community at a time.

Ryan has developed his Always Better than Yesterday community to reach all corners of the world, with his podcast being listened to in 84 countries.

He is a proven leader and knows what it takes to draw the best out of people. He is going to help this group of people grow together and bring to life the phrase “we rise by lifting others”.
Leading with love and serving with purpose. Always.
Lenita Abouchabake
Teen Coach
Lenita Abouchabake’s passion for health and young people always empowered her into learning ways to educate youth on how to become healthy, confident, and resilient. This passion led her to become a Physical Education Teacher, to raise awareness on the importance of student wellbeing.

Wanting to expand her classroom, she became a Teen Life Coach to deliver coaching programs for families, schools, and communities, through The Wellbeing Warrior Project.”

Baxter Colburn
Family Life Pastor
Baxter Colburn has spent the last six years working across the country in Sports and Digital Media. From his time with Sports Radio America to 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI, he is incredibly grateful for his many experiences over the years.

He is the founder and CEO of Public House Media. Baxter and his family live in Door County, WI where he serves as a Family Life Pastor at a local church.
Joe Adams
Lead Pastor at Manna Church
Joe Adams is the Lead Pastor of Manna Church in Colorado Springs, CO which he and his wife, Elissa, started in January of 2018. He graduated from Colorado Christian University with a degree in Biblical Studies and Grace College of Divinity with a Master’s in Christian Leadership.

Joe also serves as a Church Planting Coach for the Association of Related Churches which has planted over 900 churches in the last 10 years. In his spare time, Joe loves spending time with his family, adventuring in the mountains, learning more about leadership, and eating homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Joe and Elissa were married in 2014 and have two boys, Joby and Micah, with one more on the way. Together, they are passionate about seeing other’s lives transformed by the power of Christ.
Joshua Greene
Josh was born in Michigan and went to Casper College to study dance.
Isaiah Genesis Seaborn
Hip Hop Artist
Isaiah born in Colorado, married to Lindsey Seaborn, studied communications at Colorado Christian University, and works at Calvary Worship Center.
Delaney Ciborowski
Delaney is an experienced Dance Instructor who actively works towards her goals of becoming a choreographer and dance therapist. She is currently a student at UCCS with a major in Visual and Performing Arts with a dual concentration in dance and theatre and a minor in gerontology. She also teaches Zumba ®️ at campus recreation. Delaney uses her experience from her semi professional career and her knowledge from attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to provide her students with all of the tools that they need to become professional dancers. She also enjoys leading extracurricular activities that involve dance for both children and senior citizens. Delaney would enjoy working for public schools, integrated dance companies, companies that help people with developmental disabilities, and for companies that help senior citizens with activities and physical exercise.
This webinar will show you…
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    The word educations means "to bring out" prepare to discover what God has for you.
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    Prepare your heart and mind to receive.