Share Talk Presents - A Live Q&A Session with Red Rock Resources Plc

Share Talk Zak Mir Presents - A Live Q&A Session with Andrew Bell, CEO of Red Rock Resources Plc.

Red Rock is a natural resource development company listed on the AIM market in London (AIM: RRR). The Company manages a diverse and international portfolio of projects and investments and seeks to add value through development throughout all phases of the commodity cycle across both the mining and minerals and oil and gas sectors.Red Rock creates value developing its projects and investments and by participating in JVs and strategic partnerships, through asset sales and disposals as well as royalties.

Red Rock Resources plc (RRR) last week announced full year results to June 2020, with reported profits before tax rising to £5.156m as a result of the writing back of a previous impairment, and shareholders’ funds increasing from £9.53m to £13.96m. Since year end the balance sheet has been further strengthened by a £1m placing, by conversion into equity of £0.88m of loan notes, and by a sharp rise in the value of strategic quoted investments.

RRR has gold projects in Africa, Australia and South America, copper/cobalt projects in the Congo, and manganese/iron ore and nickel exposure through its investment interests. After recovery in 2020 of its 1.2m oz gold project in Kenya RRR can now enlarge and develop this asset. As commodity prices rise, RRR is stepping up work on its five copper and cobalt projects in the Congo, two of which have known deposits while a third is a recent RRR discovery. In 2020 RRR JV subsidiary Red Rock Australasia staked out a major position in the heart of the Victoria Goldfields with 1835 sq km of applications focussed on areas of historic gold mining and promising new geological targets.

RRR has a market capitalisation of £11m and near-term success in any one of its top four projects could have a major impact on valuation. Meanwhile, other longer term projects and interests continue to develop, including a planned Q1 iron ore IPO where RRR has both a shareholding and a royalty. Directors hold 8.4% of the stock, while CEO Andrew Bell alone holds shares and options equivalent to 7.4% of capital, 38% of which are exerciseable at prices up to double current levels.

RRR CEO will walk investors through the results, key projects, and points to look for and metrics of success in 2021, before answering live questions.

UK Dial-in number: +44 (0)1793 250421
  • When: London
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
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