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    Gain access to thousands of professionals and future prospects to connect and collaborate with. No gimmicks, no paid ads here. You can immediately start broadcasting your services and building your network by targeting any profession, anywhere, at any time.

    Through the SetSchedule community app chat, you can receive and send messages from your connections, on the go, at any time. Keep the conversation flowing by chatting with your partners and collaborators on one singular platform.

    The SetSchedule collaboration tool creates a team environment enabling you to introduce, refer, and manage either prospects opportunities, or referral partners and clients. Through the collaboration tool, you can manage tasks in a team environment all in real-time.

    Share your services and promote your products to prospects where you want, when you want. Best of all, your audience is not limited to just friends and connections. With your free SetSchedule account, choose which specific areas and what professions see your broadcasted content. Control exactly where your messages are broadcasted and who sees them, not some algorithm that decides for you.

    Ask a Pro
    Asking the right question can lead you to the right information or better yet, your next partnership! Whether you're looking for answers or looking to collaborate with someone, "Ask a Pro helps you get your questions in front of the right professionals you need answers from. Target a specific profession, post your question, and receive the most efficient answers you need.

    Create Free Teams
    As you continue to grow your network, you'll naturally want to start collaborating with some of your connections. Easily manage your network of professionals by creating teams allowing you a space to interact with your partners. Post relevant updates, chat, and utilize your CRM to complete projects with your collaborators. You can assign and delegate tasks through the team ecosystem, efficiently tracking updates and status changes.

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