Women's Work: Empowering Women Returning to the Workforce
About this Course
Join us for our 15 minute mini-sessions for our Women's Work series! More and more women are choosing to return to the workforce following an extended absence--whatever the life circumstances were that took you out of the workforce, we're here to help you return, stronger than ever.
This Course Has 5 Sections
  • Women's Work: Welcome!
    An overview and introduction of Women's Work--the challenges women returning to the workforce are facing and techniques to help empower.
  • Women's Work Session 2: Breakdancing Bad
    Our second mini-session of Women's Work will focus on the concept of confidence and its importance not only in returning to the workforce, but in a happy life as well. This session is suitable not just for women returning to the workforce but for all women. We hope to see you then! (and no dancing will be required.)
  • Women's Work: Face the Facts (More than Just Makeup)
    What role does personal appearance play in the job interview and/or in the workplace? Learn some fast facts & valuable tips in this 15 minute Women's Work mini-session (15-20 minutes) that's all about the face.
  • Pretty Professional: Beauty & the Workplace
    Join us as we examine some of the perceptions, fallacies and strategies surrounding beauty in the workplace.
  • The #1 Job Interview Question (and how to nail your response every time)
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