Warsaw Serverless Days 2020
ServerlessDays Warsaw is a developer-oriented
conference about serverless technologies.

We believe that technology is a booster for innovation and one of main goals is to shorten a time-to-market. During the sessions speakers
share their experience and lessons from real-world projects.

ServerlessDays Warsaw is part of ServerlessDays (formerly JeffConf),
a global series of events around the world fostering communities
around serverless technologies.
  • Karol Junde
  • James Beswick
    5 Reasons Why Companies are Going Serverless
  • Rich Rose
    Workflow tooling with Cloud Run
  • Sheen Brisals
    From Oops... to Ops! Sloppy Little Serverless Stories
  • Emrah Samdan
    From development to production: the many uses of serverless observability
  • Yan Cui
    A chaos experiment a day, keeping the outage away
  • Gunnar Grosch
    Continuous verification for serverless applications
  • Ran Ribenzaft
    Observability in Serverless applications
  • Wojciech Gawroński
    Around the serverless in 180 days
  • Paweł Skrzypek
    Autonomous Multi-Cloud serverless deployment and optimized management
  • Karol Junde
    Two guys, 1 month, from an idea to a demo product. The story of 106 AWS Lambdas
  • Q&A - Long road to ruin or to the land of business acceleration
  • Hybrid serverless – a solution integrated with legacy systems
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