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Thursday, Sep 3, 12:45 PM CEST · 45 minutes

From development to production: the many uses of serverless observability

September 3, 2020 at 12:45:00 PM · Warsaw
About This Webinar

Serverless observability is commonly thought of as something useful while running your large serverless applications in production. But, did you know how it can be a valuable tool for dev and test as well? What about small or simple serverless applications? Or, if you're just running a few simple functions? How helpful can observability really be? The answer: VERY! The basics of observability and why it's useful for both known, predictable failures AND unknown, non-predictable failures Why observability is particularly useful for serverless applications How observability is valuable during development and while debugging How observability can be used to test your application How observability is useful in production with both small and large deployments

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Emrah Şamdan is the VP of Products at Thundra, a tool to provide serverless observability for AWS Lambda environments. With the development team, Emrah is obsessed with helping the serverless community with their debugging and monitoring effort both in production and during development. He is responsible for making trouble for the Thundra engineering team while finding solutions to ease the life of serverless teams.
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