Veterinary Wellbeing Webinar Series

Veterinary Wellbeing Webinar Series

Join our Veterinary Wellbeing Webinar Series, designed for veterinarians and veterinary nurses alike.

Our expert speakers will address the unique challenges faced by both professions, offering valuable insights, strategies, and support. From stress management to work-life balance, we'll explore topics that resonate with veterinary professionals, helping you prioritise your well-being while providing exceptional care.

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Sessions in this Series
  • Self-Compassion: The Antidote to Perfectionism
    The rationale for the webinar is that research has found a high prevalence of psychological distress within the veterinarian professi... View more
  • How flexible working can improve mental health, benefiting the veterinary profession
    A why, what and how of flexible working. Focusing on how flexibility can improve mental health, benefiting the entire veterinary prof... View more
  • Mental Health and the Veterinary Industry
    This session will look at important topics such as: • What is mental health? • An overview of mental health in the veterinary pro... View more

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