Travel DAZE 2021 - The Reboot

About This Conference

Travel DAZE 2021 will bring together the best minds from within the travel industry along with external experts to foster the reboot of travel and tourism.

A travel industry reboot must come from innovation for a lasting and healthy rebound. The time has come to adapt, adopt unconventional ideas, ground-breaking technology, marketing prowess and a willingness for change.

What will a reboot involve? How will this industry's pause be turned into a creative renewal? A sub theme of technology will be included to encourage conversation around how it will shape the future of the travel industry.

Travel DAZE will explore what tangible steps business owners, travel agents, tour operators, marketers and communication specialists can take toward rebuilding a sustainable and profitable future.

The travel industry will rebound but only innovative players will thrive, don't be left behind.
Full Conference Agenda
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Tourism Insights and Trends in a COVID World
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – An Outsider’s Take on Australia’s International Border Debate
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – From Disruptor to Key Partner: Airbnb’s Pandemic Journey
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Rising Up in a Pandemic
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Food, Glorious Food: The Key Ingredient of Peru’s Reboot Recipe
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Keeping Air New Zealand’s Brand Promise, With Manaaki at the Core
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Bubbles or Uncorked?
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Helping Communities Cope Through COVID
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Tourism for Reconciliation: The Time is Now
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Reinventing, Rebranding and Retaining for Post-COVID Success
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Enter the ‘Phuket Sandbox’: Thailand’s Reopening to the World
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Getting Back to Business: The Future of Work and Travel
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Taking a Transparent Approach to the Restart of Cruising
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Remaining Relevant in a Tech-driven World
  • Travel DAZE 2021 – Rebuilding Confidence With Technology