Talking Stoma Care: Series 2

Talking Stoma Care: Series 2

Back for its second series, Talking Stoma Care is a brand-new series of peer-learning webinars, designed for clinical nurse specialists working in gastroenterology and stoma care to enhance their practice and improve patient outcomes. Each session brings together experienced practitioners to share professional insights and practical expertise in the management of common clinical challenges.

Asking the essential questions is Paul Russell-Roberts. Paul has over 20 years of surgical nursing experience and became a Stoma Care Nurse Specialist in 2011. As a SCN, Paul has led on the development of protocols, policies, and integrated digital platforms to aid both service development and the care of patients. Audit, process and documentation rigor has always been at the heart of Paul’s work.

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  • How can CNS’s demonstrate the impact and risk of work undone?
    The first webinar in our new series will explore the safety critical components of specialist nursing practice, with a specific focus... View more
  • Dispelling the myths around convexity usage, what is the evidence base to support practice?
    In this webinar the purpose and indication for convexity will be identified. The key components of the nursing assessment which miti... View more
  • How can we address the impact of fear of leakage on the QoL of an ostomate?
    The focus of this webinar is the psychological care needs of ostomates experiencing anxiety and fear. Prof White will explore the ... View more
  • Tools and Resources to empower you to demonstrate the value of your service
    In this webinar Professor Leary will discuss meaningful evidence to demonstrate the value of you and your service. She will be explor... View more
  • Assessing the risk of peri stomal skin conditions in individual ostomates to aid prevention
    As SCN’s you spend a minimum of 30% of your clinical time managing peri-stomal skin conditions and its important you able to clearly ... View more

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