Virtual Summit: Retail Anywhere Without Sacrificing Anything
May 17-28, 2021; On-Demand Sessions
What's it about?
Dealers everywhere have found themselves navigating the new normal: remote experiences. But with a new normal… comes new opportunities. You must meet the customer on their terms, no matter where they are, while creating an accurate, efficient, and profitable transaction. It’s a balancing act between your customers' expectations and your dealership’s success. In this two-week virtual summit, you’ll have on-demand access to a variety of bite-sized sessions. You will learn about challenges to the digital retail status quo, the new way to retail digitally, and how to ensure profitability, accuracy, and efficiency aren’t at risk in each department.
What will I learn?
  • Digital Retailing is Dealership Operations, Period
  • Sales Challenges: Selling Vehicles No Matter Where Customers Are
  • F&I Challenges: Completing the Deal From Online to In-Store
  • Service Challenges: Offering a Flexible Service Experience
  • Business Office Challenges: Anchoring a Digital Dealership
  • How to Retail Anywhere in Sales
  • How to Retail Anywhere in F&I
  • How to Retail Anywhere in Service
  • How to Retail Anywhere in the Business Office
  • Dealer Spotlight: Creating Impact Through a Holistic Approach
  • Dealer Spotlight in Sales and F&I: Engineering an Amazon Experience
  • Dealer Spotlight in Service: Playing Offense In Your Service Operations
  • Dealer Spotlight in the Business Office: Amping Up the Value of Time
More sessions are on the way. Keep checking back for new additions.