Bootcamp: International Distribution Deep Dive

About This Bootcamp

Ready. Set. Grow. is a first-of-its-kind series of educational workshops and bootcamps focused on helping beauty and wellness brands (both large and small) expand their businesses abroad.

Global distribution can fuel growth while hedging against domestic market downturns, but navigating new markets requires understanding cultural nuances, market dynamics, and identifying the right partners. We've gathered a prestigious group of industry experts who will conduct deep dives into the fundamentals of international distribution, so you can properly assess market opportunities and build an effective strategic plan for growth.

Knowledge is power. This interactive bootcamp is designed to not only educate you but provide you with a toolkit to help inform your decisions and set your brand up for success.

Bootcamp Sessions
  • International Trend Briefing – Kelly Kovack, BeautyMatter
  • The Rules of Engagement – Elizabeth Kopelman, Frisson Beauty
  • International Landscape Overview – Elizabeth Kopelman, Frisson Beauty
  • International Amazon Opportunity – Mark Power, Podean
  • Government Resources – Joanne Vliet, U.S. Commercial Service
  • International Regulatory Requirements – Dr. Ken Marenus + Meredith Petillo, IBA
  • Advertising and Marketing Claims Substantiation – Carys Smith, Ayton Global Research
  • Legal Considerations – Baker McKenzie
  • Assessing Market Opportunities – Valérie Kaminov, IL Brand Consultancy Ltd
  • Building an International Strategy – Valérie Kaminov, IL Brand Consultancy Ltd
  • Supporting the Market and Controlling Your Brand – Elizabeth Kopelman, Frisson Beauty

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