Peak Performance Series

About the Peak Performance Series

Individuals and companies are experiencing a well-being crisis. Rates of employee stress, burnout, and turnover are at all-time highs. Average employee engagement is low. Younger workers are demanding a different organizational culture. The goal of this series is to enable organizations and individuals to build lives of vitality, purpose, resilience, engagement, and success.

The Peak Performance Series contains six intentionally selected and curated focus areas designed to enable individuals and organizations to optimize their potential and perform at their best.

Each session in the series is designed to be an introduction to the topic, containing a compelling business justification backed up by data and science.

The series is built on Ken Garner's extensive experience as an executive leader, certification and accreditation as an Executive Coach, and hundreds of hours of actual coaching experience.

Sessions in this Series
  • Well-being: the Foundation of Peak (or Optimal) Performance (Session 1)
  • Creating Your Personal Well-being & Resilience Plans (Session 2)
  • Creating Organizational Well-being (Session 3)
  • The Importance of Personal Purpose (Session 4)
  • The Importance of Organizational Purpose (Session 5)
  • Stop Managing and Start Coaching (Session 6)