NODES 2019: Neo4j Online Developer Conference

Connect with fellow developers and learn from the smartest graphistas. 1 full day. Around the globe.

About This Conference

Nodes 2019 is the inaugural Neo4j Online Developer conference.
  • Ten to Dine: Building Possibility Spaces with Neo4j and ReactJS
  • Databases on Kubernetes Using a Custom Operator: Day 1, Day 2, and Beyond
  • Making Graph Algorithms 'Clique'
  • Graph Visualization: Main Aspects, Challenges, and Solutions
    We are going to explore main aspects of Graph Visualisation; finding data, laying it out and rendering. We will discuss challenges of... View more
  • Software Applications are Graphs:: What You Always Wanted to Know About How Structr Works
  • Building Spatial Search Algorithms for Neo4j
  • IOT Data Compression in Neo4j
  • How to build a knowledge graph from scratch even if you are not really a full-blown developer
  • Recommendations in UDC (Unified Data Catalog) Powered by Apache Spark & Neo4J
  • GRANDstack: Graphs ALL the Way Down
  • Chaos engineering with Neo4j
  • Graphs in AI and ML
  • Streaming Graph Data with Kafka
  • APOC Pearls: The Best Tips & Tricks
  • Graph Algorithms for Community Detection & Recommendations
  • To be or not to be. Full Text Search tips and tricks.
  • Monitoring Neo4j Servers and Clusters
  • Discovering the Soul of a Product With Neo4j
    At Under Armour many disjointed systems are involved in bringing a product to market. Customer service reps and data scientists don't... View more
  • Agile Property Graph Design Process
  • Data Integration for Neo4j using Kettle
  • Social media monitoring with ML-powered Knowledge Graph
    Ever wondered how can be ML used to build Knowledge Graph for allowing businesses to successfully differentiate and compete today? We... View more
  • Graph Embeddings
  • All-new SDN-RX: Reactive Spring Data Neo4j
  • Graph Data Modeling Tips & Tricks
  • Tuning Cypher
    Cypher is really easy to write. On large datasets or complex queries you sometimes might not get the performance you want out of the ... View more
  • Fix your microservice architecture using graph analysis
  • Making patterns show themselves
  • Creating a Data Marvel (Comics) with Spring & Neo4j
  • How to keep track of change - versioning approaches in Neo4j
  • Graph data for the construction industry: Modelling heating, ventilation, electrical, and other building services
  • Collaboration insights from data access analytics: "Follow the data"
  • Best Practices for Making (Very) Large Database Updates in Neo4j
  • Building a Graph of History with The Codex
    The Codex attempts to deeply integrate text and data by building a graph network of people, places, events and concepts embedded in t... View more
  • Large Scale Social Networks - Challenges and Opportunities
    Thursday, October 10, 2019 · 4:00 PM EDT
  • Intro to Neo4j for Developers
  • Lightning Talk Session 1
  • Lightning Talk Session 2
  • Keynote and Announcements
  • Schema-Based Security in Neo4j 4.0
  • Neosemantics - A Linked Data Toolkit for Neo4j
  • T5-01-01-It Depends (and why it's the most frequent answer to modelling questions)
  • LT-01-02-Improve your Cypher Performance with the Query Log Analyzer
  • LT-01-03-Bolt-On Your Web App to Neo4j
  • LT-01-04-PredictingAndProsecutingCrimeInRioDeJaneiro
  • LT-01-05-ML-basedGraphEmbeddings
    Graphs encode a surprising amount of information in their structure alone. How do machine learning techniques extract this data, and ... View more
  • LT-01-06-WeAreNotJustRelationalAnymore: Teaching Neo4j as part of an introductory database course
  • LT-01-07-Public Transport São Paulo in a graph database
  • LT-01-08-Exploring the U.S. National Bridge Index
  • LT-01-09-Leveraging Graph Algorithms In Visualizations With Neovis.js
    See how to use combine graph visualization and graph algorithms to make sense of data in this live coding lightning session. We'll se... View more
  • LT-01-10-How the GRANDstack Makes Handling Complex Data Easy
  • LT-02-01-Modeling a Tournament in Neo4j
  • LT-02-02-Unearthing Historical Networks Using Neo4j and Archival Documents
  • LT-02-03-RDKit (cheminformatics) Neo4j Integration
  • LT-02-04-Intro to Graphlytic - graph visualization application
  • LT-02-05-Challenges in knowledge graph visualization
    Visualizing a complex graph is a task of graph simplification and providing well-thought visual cues, the best UI goes unnoticed. Thi... View more
  • LT-02-06-Coding a graph application from scratch with GRANDstack
  • LT-02-07-Intuitive Graph Business Intelligence Through Visual Graph Transformation

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