NODES 2019: Neo4j Online Developer Conference

Connect with fellow developers and learn from the smartest graphistas. 1 full day. Around the globe.

About This Conference

Nodes 2019 is the inaugural Neo4j Online Developer conference.
  • Ten to Dine: Building Possibility Spaces with Neo4j and ReactJS
  • Databases on Kubernetes Using a Custom Operator: Day 1, Day 2, and Beyond
  • Making Graph Algorithms 'Clique'
  • Graph Visualization: Main Aspects, Challenges, and Solutions
    We are going to explore main aspects of Graph Visualisation; finding data, la...
  • Software Applications are Graphs:: What You Always Wanted to Know About How Structr Works
  • Building Spatial Search Algorithms for Neo4j
  • IOT Data Compression in Neo4j
  • How to build a knowledge graph from scratch even if you are not really a full-blown developer
  • Recommendations in UDC (Unified Data Catalog) Powered by Apache Spark & Neo4J
  • GRANDstack: Graphs ALL the Way Down
  • Chaos engineering with Neo4j
  • Graphs in AI and ML
  • Streaming Graph Data with Kafka
  • APOC Pearls: The Best Tips & Tricks
  • Graph Algorithms for Community Detection & Recommendations
  • To be or not to be. Full Text Search tips and tricks.
  • Monitoring Neo4j Servers and Clusters
  • Discovering the Soul of a Product With Neo4j
    At Under Armour many disjointed systems are involved in bringing a product to...
  • Agile Property Graph Design Process
  • Data Integration for Neo4j using Kettle
  • Social media monitoring with ML-powered Knowledge Graph
    Ever wondered how can be ML used to build Knowledge Graph for allowing busine...
  • Graph Embeddings
  • All-new SDN-RX: Reactive Spring Data Neo4j
  • Graph Data Modeling Tips & Tricks
  • Tuning Cypher
    Cypher is really easy to write. On large datasets or complex queries you some...
  • Fix your microservice architecture using graph analysis
  • Making patterns show themselves
  • Creating a Data Marvel (Comics) with Spring & Neo4j
  • How to keep track of change - versioning approaches in Neo4j
  • Graph data for the construction industry: Modelling heating, ventilation, electrical, and other building services
  • Collaboration insights from data access analytics: "Follow the data"
  • Best Practices for Making (Very) Large Database Updates in Neo4j
  • Building a Graph of History with The Codex
    The Codex attempts to deeply integrate text and data by building a graph netw...
  • Large Scale Social Networks - Challenges and Opportunities
  • Intro to Neo4j for Developers
  • Lightning Talk Session 1
  • Lightning Talk Session 2
  • Keynote and Announcements
  • Schema-Based Security in Neo4j 4.0
  • Neosemantics - A Linked Data Toolkit for Neo4j
  • T5-01-01-It Depends (and why it's the most frequent answer to modelling questions)
  • LT-01-02-Improve your Cypher Performance with the Query Log Analyzer
  • LT-01-03-Bolt-On Your Web App to Neo4j
  • LT-01-04-PredictingAndProsecutingCrimeInRioDeJaneiro
  • LT-01-05-ML-basedGraphEmbeddings
    Graphs encode a surprising amount of information in their structure alone. Ho...
  • LT-01-06-WeAreNotJustRelationalAnymore: Teaching Neo4j as part of an introductory database course
  • LT-01-07-Public Transport São Paulo in a graph database
  • LT-01-08-Exploring the U.S. National Bridge Index
  • LT-01-09-Leveraging Graph Algorithms In Visualizations With Neovis.js
    See how to use combine graph visualization and graph algorithms to make sense...
  • LT-01-10-How the GRANDstack Makes Handling Complex Data Easy
  • LT-02-01-Modeling a Tournament in Neo4j
  • LT-02-02-Unearthing Historical Networks Using Neo4j and Archival Documents
  • LT-02-03-RDKit (cheminformatics) Neo4j Integration
  • LT-02-04-Intro to Graphlytic - graph visualization application
  • LT-02-05-Challenges in knowledge graph visualization
    Visualizing a complex graph is a task of graph simplification and providing w...
  • LT-02-06-Coding a graph application from scratch with GRANDstack
  • LT-02-07-Intuitive Graph Business Intelligence Through Visual Graph Transformation

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