Neo4j Tech Talks

Developer-focused sessions on the Neo4j ecosystem

Amazed by APOC? Raving about Reactive? Don't know how to use Desktop?

In these 30-minute Tech Talk sessions we will provide quick, technical learning and insights. These will improve your developer experience in and around the Neo4j ecosystem.

In the first of the series, we will be covering:

  • Getting up and running with Desktop

  • Reactive database connections with Drivers

  • Graph Data Science with the GDS Library

  • Superpowers for your project with the APOC Library

  • Improving your developer experience with Graph Apps
Sessions in this Tech Talks
  • Walkthrough getting up and running with Neo4j Desktop
    Are you completely new to Neo4j? Don’t know your sandboxes from your desktops...
  • Reactive Database Connections with Neo4j Drivers
    Neo4j officially supports drivers for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Go and Python. ...
  • Graph Data Science with Neo4j Graph Algorithms
    Graph algorithms provide one of the most potent approaches to analysing conne...
  • Superpowers for your Neo4j Project with the APOC Library
    APOC has become the de-facto standard utility library for Neo4j. In this talk...
  • Improving your Developer Experience with Neo4j Graph Apps
    With Neo4j Desktop came the option to run Graph Applications. These handy app...

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