Mindfulness for Your Middle Years Learner at Home

About This Webinar Series

Galvanizing a Grounded, Grateful and Generous Approach to Learning and to Life within the classroom- and beyond! How do we set the foundations and conditions for our students to live well- physically, spiritually, and emotionally? How do we help students cultivate a grounded, grateful, generous approach to learning and to life? How do we support students during a time in history when the world seems unpredictable and there are so many unknowns? How do we return to the classroom when regular schedules have been disrupted and so much has changed for all of us- adults and students alike? Appreciating that each person is unique and that our schools serve diverse populations, we recognize there is an exceptional need at this point in time to address student wellbeing to promote their learning, growth and education.

This series is intended to provide practical ideas and strategies that can help us navigate current world events together and which can be used in the classroom and beyond- even virtually- as we find new ways of reaching students. Since we need to ensure that we are caring for our own selves and wellbeing, too, this PD will guide participants in their own self -reflection so that we navigate life within the classroom and beyond as grounded, grateful and generous educators, learning and growing alongside our students.
Sessions in this Webinar Series
  • Session 1: Getting Grounded
  • Session 2: Growing Gratitude
    What is gratitude? How can we grow our gratitude and what are the benefits? ...
  • Session 3: Generosity Begets Generosity
  • Session 4: Putting It All Together

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