Exploring Homeschool Math Curriculum & Methods

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Choosing the right math curriculum sets up your child for long term academic success. That’s why finding a math curriculum that works for your child is essential!

Register for this multi-session event to learn more about the four most effective math curriculums: Math-U-See, RightStart Math, Saxon Math, and Singapore Math. You’ll uncover the philosophy and methodology behind each method and get instructions for placing your student at the ideal level.

If you need to switch up programs because math isn’t working well for you or if you’re just starting out as a new homeschooler with math, this event is for you. You and your child can succeed in homeschool math.

Sessions in this Series
  • Intro to Math Options
    Listen to a brief overview of the four math options available at BookShark: S...
  • Help with Saxon Math
    You don't have to be math-minded to effectively homeschool your child. This c...
  • RightStart Math Explored
    -Jumping over the “Math isn’t my thing!” hurdle. “You want a good, comprehens...
  • Math-U-See Spelled Out
    Could this mastery-based method be a good fit for your child? Using this natu...
  • Singapore Explained
    If your aim for math instruction is to help your child truly grasp math conce...

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