286 And More Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads with Jarek Bucholc
About this Guide
Are you the guy who?

You have spent countless hours on marketing, Invested time and money on adds, hired website developers, spending countless hours on social media and still having no flow of home buyers, home sellers and money partners.


Marketing is an essential part of the real estate investing can we agree?

This is ongoing and not an easy task, Marketing is always changing.
What was working 2 years ago may not work now.

We have made mistakes and a looooooot I may add.

We have learned from them, we Modified, Changed, Improved ways and at the same time we keep adding new strategies to generate leads and will be doing so.

Would you like Avoid those mistakes and save money, time, stress?

Would you like increase the chances of generating a good flow of leads ??

That’s Why ….

We will help you by listing a detailed compilation of these marketing strategies. We will be adding new ones as soon they will be available and we will be providing feedback on what may work, giving examples, and modifying them based on the effectiveness.
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