The IoT and embedded ecosystems are moving closer together than ever before – IMC’s own internal data shows that as many as 40% of those implementing sensors and actuators are sourcing data plans for connectivity at the same time. Modem reference design, SoC modules, and designing for mass IoT are just some of the topics we’ll cover.
Wed, Mar. 13, 2024 · 10:00 am (EDT)
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of two prominent options for embedded designers: the IoT Modem Reference Design and IoT SOC Modules. We'll delve into the pros of the IoT Modem Reference Design, which offers flexibility, scalability, and customization, enabling designers to tailor their IoT solutions to specific requirements. Conversely, we'll also discuss the benefits of IoT SOC Modules, such as simplified integration, reduced development time, and cost efficiency, making them an attractive choice for rapid deployment and prototyping projects.

Panel Moderator: Fred Yentz, CEO & Founder, IoT Launch
- Marco Argenton, VP Product Management, IoT Modules, Telit Cinterion
- Dima Feldman, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Sony Semiconductor Israel

Introduction to Fibocom's Mobile Computing PCBA Solutions
- Jim Engleson, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Fibocom
Thu, Mar. 14, 2024 · 10:00 am (EDT)
Explore the crucial considerations and strategies for designing an effective infrastructure to support the massive rollout of IoT devices. We will delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by the scale and complexity of IoT deployments, addressing issues such as connectivity, security, life-cycle, and data management. Join us to gain valuable insights and practical techniques for successfully navigating the landscape of the ever-expanding IoT ecosystem.

Panel Moderator: Keith Kreisher, Executive Director, IMC
- Sam Colley, Product Strategy, Giesecke+Devrient
- Alistair Fulton, COO & VP Ecosystem, Blues
- Kieran McNamara, General Manager, North America, Eseye

Spotlight by 2J Antennas
- Daniel Hunady, Sales Manager, USA, 2J Antennas
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