There’s a world of developments in IoT connectivity – 5G, satellite, and low-power connections are converging, we may be witnessing the end of the SIM card, and flat-rate programs are driving a lot of IoT applications. This online event will feature panel discussions on these topics and much more!
Wed, Oct. 11, 2023 · 10:00 am (EDT)
Delve into the revolutionary concept of iSIM (Integrated Subscriber Identity Module) and its impact on embedded design. Explore how iSIM technology eliminates the need for a physical SIM card, enabling smaller form factors and enhanced flexibility in designing connected devices. Discover the potential of iSIM in revolutionizing industries such as IoT, wearables, and automotive, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities it presents for embedded designers.

Panel Moderator: Robin Duke-Woolley, Analyst, CEO, Beecham Research Ltd
- Luigi Capobianco, SVP Head of Sales EMEA, floLIVE
- Rich Pellegrini, Sr. Product Manager for IoT, iBasis
- Steffen Steinmeier, Head of EMEA IoT and Automotive Sales, Giesecke+Devrient
- Jean-Christophe Tisseuil, CMO, Oasis Smart SIM (Tata Communications)

Spotlight: Empowering Connectivity: the Evolution of IoT Device Management
- Ofer Greenberg, Director of Business Development, Friendly Technologies
Wed, Oct. 11, 2023 · 11:30 am (EDT)
Explore the power of convergence in the realm of IoT embedded systems as 5G, satellite technology, and low-power solutions converge to revolutionize connectivity. Discover how the fusion of these technologies unlocks unprecedented possibilities for seamless, ubiquitous connectivity in smart cities, industrial automation, and beyond. Join us as we delve into the synergistic potential of this convergence and its impact on shaping the future of IoT ecosystems.

Panel Moderator: Jim Morrish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights
- Brian Critchfield, VP of Global Marketing, Airgain
- Jeff Noska, VP, High Bandwidth & Fixed Wireless Access, KORE
- Luc Vidal-Madjar, Head of IoT Solutions, BICS

Spotlight: Securing IoT Devices with PKI and Certificates
- Ellen Boehm, SVP of Global IoT Strategy & Operations, Keyfactor
- Mitch Mershon, Product Marking Manager, Keyfactor

Spotlight: Digital Enterprise: Wireless Technology Convergence
- Daniel Quant, VP & General Manager of Gateways, Routers and Modems, MultiTech
Thu, Oct. 12, 2023 · 10:00 am (EDT)
Join us for an enlightening session as we delve into the revolutionary world of Flat-Rate Connectivity Plans for IoT Solutions. Discover how this groundbreaking approach eliminates unpredictable data costs, allowing seamless and affordable connectivity for IoT devices across industries. Explore the potential of this transformative model to enhance efficiency, scalability, and innovation in the IoT ecosystem, empowering businesses to fully unlock the potential of their embedded devices.

Panel Moderator: Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights
- Arne Aßmann, VP Commercial, 1NCE
- Erik Kling, President & Head of IoT Americas, Vodafone Business
- Sean Rudnick, Dir. Deal Management, IoT Services, Telit Cinterion

Spotlight: Antennas First: Don’t Risk IoT Project Failure
- Johan Pedersen, VP Product & Marketing, Ignion
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