Become RAMP Certified at Impact Nation

The Relias Administrative Mastery Program (RAMP) is our new and improved way to become a Certified Relias Administrator.

Whether you’re a brand-new administrator or have been with Relias for a while, the RAMP track gives you the opportunity to gain expertise on the Relias Platform alongside other administrators while learning from members of the Relias Client Care team.

This year at Impact Nation, you can go through the entire track to become a certified Relias Administrator, which offers opportunities like early access to webinars and Platform releases, or just attend a session or two covering an area on the site you’d like to learn more about!

Completing the RAMP track at Impact Nation offers you the opportunity to ask questions of Relias experts in real time! You’ll also get to meet other administrators who are becoming Relias Certified and build professional relationships.

The RAMP track will address all subjects covered in the RAMP Training Plan:

  • Site Settings and Overview
  • User Roles and Management
  • Hierarchy
  • Courses
  • Requirements Tracker
  • Live Events
  • Training Plans
  • Reports

You must attend the entire RAMP track at Impact Nation to become Relias Certified. If you do not attend every session, you can still enroll yourself in the RAMP Training Plan in your Relias Platform to test out of the sessions you attend live during the event.

RAMP Certification