How to STAND OUT in a Difficult Job Market
About this Course
If you're a recent/upcoming Western Kentucky University or SKYCTC graduate, this webinar is just for you! Today's job market is tougher than ever--learn what it takes to STAND OUT from the crowd and get an edge over the job competition!
This Course Has 4 Sections
  • Overview and Intro: How to STAND OUT in a Difficult Job Market
    For recent or upcoming college graduates, this is the first in our series on "How to STAND OUT in a Difficult Job Market." During this unprecedented time, finding a career to match your chosen major can be challenging. Learn HOW to stand out in a competitive job market!
  • Polishing Your Resume | The DOs and the DON'Ts
    We’ll discuss how writing a great resume is more than just listing the schools you've attended, positions you've held, skills you possess and companies you've worked for. It is your most valuable marketing document in your job search, your first introduction to a company's hiring manager and the go-to reference for your career. 

    Want to impress that hiring manager? Follow the do’s and don'ts from this webinar to make your resume sparkle.
  • Tailoring Your Cover Letter | Writing Your Opportunity to Shine
    A good cover letter demonstrates your ability to summarize your skills and experience and map them directly to the job for which you're applying.

    We’ll discuss the importance of custom-fitting your cover letter to the position advertisement or description.
  • Leveraging Social Media: Optimizing Your Accounts for the Job Search
    If you're an active participant online, you can use digital platforms to highlight your personality and qualifications to show what you could bring to a workplace. But employers can also use social media platforms to learn things about you that you'd rather they didn't know.

    Use this webinar to find what you need to know about social media when you're job searching – from tightening your privacy settings on Facebook to figuring out how to use social media in a positive way to lead you to your next opportunity. In this webinar, we’ll focus on LinkedIn and touch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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