Homeschool Helps & Hacks - October

About this Event

What's going well in your homeschool this year? What needs to improve? Have you found that your children need something extra - a little more pencil to paper practice or a clever approach to math? Does your child fly through history, but the creative writing assignments are hindered by hard-to- read handwriting or grammar errors? Do you feel like they're succeeding in some areas but not all?

Learn how to give your homeschool a progress report. If you're wondering if your child is bored, or maybe too challenged, here are some ideas on how you can check in on your homeschool to make sure your child is nestled nicely in a sweet spot for learning.

Conversations include:
* What to do with a child who loves to read but hates writing
* How do you get through all those Sonlight read alouds - especially if your child is struggling with reading comprehension?
* How to manage science experiments when hands on activities aren't your favorite
* What to do about illegible handwriting
* Finding time to focus where it matters most
* Making math fun
* And more!

DATE: October 12, 2021
TIME: 12:00 pm MT

  • October 12 @ 12:00pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - How to Find and Fill Education Gaps
    Are there areas where your child is struggling and shining If you are now awa...
  • October 12 @ 12:30pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - Live Q&A

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