Growing in the Gospel

Want to see Christ more evident in every aspect of your life? We've gathered four amazing bloggers, authors, and speakers who will cheer you on with encouragement and actionable tips to grow in the Gospel! Don't forget to join us live for special bonuses and offers!

More about the Growing in the Gospel Mini Summit

This live, virtual, 4-day event features four amazing guest speakers who want to see your faith increase through all aspects of your life; including your marriage, relationships, motherhood, and homeschooling.
Growing in the Gospel Summit
  • Your Faith and Your Life
    Join Brooke as she chats with Nicki Truesdell about how to stay strong in your faith in the midst of our cultural conditions.
  • Your Faith and Your Marriage/Relationships
    Brooke, from is sharing with us how your faith should play a part in all of your relationships.
  • Your Faith and Your Motherhood Experience
    Do you need encouragement through your motherhood journey, this is for you!
  • Your Faith and Your Homeschool
    Why is a Bible curriculum important? We’re talking about that, and how to push your kids to further explore Christ outside of your ho... View more