Day 4 of the Growing in the Gospel Summit with Dianna Wiebe from GrapevineStudies.com.
  • Why is a Bible curriculum important?
  • How do you add the Bible into other subjects?
  • How do you teach discipleship?
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    Dianna Wiebe
    Owner of Grapevine Studies
    Christian parents want their children to know the Bible, but often they don’t know where to start or have a plan? This is where Dianna and her husband found themselves when their children were young. Wanting a curriculum that was chronological, interactive, and engaging, so they wrote Grapevine Studies. These Bible studies have been used for over 20 years around the world by families, churches, and missionaries. Parents using Grapevine studies are given a method and a plan to teach their children the Bible. Dianna’s children are now grown and teaching their children using the Grapevine method.
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    Brooke Poston
    Owner of Digital Grab Bag and The Fervent Mama