GA4 Intensive Training Series

Master GA4 in 4 Hours!

Change is coming fast! Universal Analytics (UA) is being replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on July 1st. Are you ready?

To help you unlock the analytical power of GA4, digital expert and ecommerce specialist Cathal Melinn will host a 4-part intensive training series.

Getting to grips with GA4 is not as hard as you think. Especially when you have expert guidance!

Four indepth sessions

The series consists of 4 live sessions. Each training session focuses on a specific topic. If you are a beginner, we recommend you sign up for the full series.

In each, Cathal will walk you through the GA4 interface, explaining all its sections and features and how/why to use them as well as practical tips and insider insights. Each session will include a live Q&A.

How do I sign up?

Register below to get access to all four sessions for $200, or $50 per session.
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Sign up now to experience the full potential of GA4. Places are limited, so book today!

Can I ask questions?

Yes, each of the sessions are live and you can submit your questions to be asked at the end of each session.

What will I get after each session?

1. HD videos from the session walkthroughs you can use as a reference at any time.
2. Written notes of everything covered in each session with any additional helpful resources from the DMI library
3. A practical cheat sheet to help you revise what you learned so you feel ready for the next session.

What about CPD points?

If you're a certified member of the DMI you'll receive 5 CPD points if you attend the full series! Every eligible member gets 1 CPD point per session and 1 extra for completing the series.

Who is the series for?
Everyone, from beginner to advanced. The series of sessions will be valuable whether you're moving from UA to GA4, have been using GA4 for months, or you're a first-time user of Google Analytics!
Sessions in this Series
  • GA4 Session 1: Fundamentals of GA4 & Google Tag Manager
  • GA4 Session 2: Events & Conversions in GA4
  • GA4 Session 3: Advanced Measurement & Social Media in GA4
  • GA4 Series 4: eCommerce and GA4
    Remarketing Audiences - GA4 eCommerce settings -Woocommerce & GA4 - Q&A