ELCEE academy August/September (ELCEE)
About This Summit
One of our strenghts is our knowledge. With almost 100 years of experience and over 300 employees, we have an abundance of knowledge that we want to share. Therefor we created multiple free webinars which you can join. Do you want to know more about “When to use casting?”, “How to choose the right plain bearing?” or “Change welding to casting?” do not hesitate and register for one (or more) of our free webinars!

Duration of the webinars: 30 minutes
Costs: free
Sessions in this Summit
  • How to optimise sintered products (ELCEE)
    How to optimise sintered products Next to casting and forging, sintering is ...
  • 5 must knows about the design process of castings (ELCEE)
    In this webinar we inform you about the design process of castings. We explor...
  • Problem solved: Big spherical bearing on a hydraulic cylinder (ELCEE)
    In this webinar we discuss a customer case in the maritime industry about a b...
  • How to optimise costs in engineering components? (ELCEE)
    Casting and forging are techniques to produce an end product in as few steps ...
  • Casting and forging opportunities within the transport industry (ELCEE)
    The transportation industry gives a lot of opportunities to optimise engineer...
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