EARL Conference

Online 6-10 September 2021

EARL Conference online 2021

The Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference (EARL) is a cross-sector conference focusing on the commercial use of the R programming language. The conference is dedicated to the real-world usage of R with some of the world’s leading practitioners.

If you use R in your organisation, the EARL Conference is for you and your team. Whether you’re coding, wrangling data, leading a team of R users, or making data-driven decisions, EARL offers insights you can action in your company.

We will be moving EARL online again for 2021. There will be workshops hosted over four afternoons from the 6th-9th of September, and the week will finish with a day of talks on Friday 10th September.

EARL is organised by Mango Solutions, we are also pleased to share that the profits from EARL 2021 will be donated to Data Kind UK.

All sessions at EARL will be recorded and sent out to ticket holders.
Sessions in this EARL Conference 2021
  • Monday 6th September, 2-5pm (BST)
    EARL - Workshop 1: Introduction to Shiny
  • Tuesday 7th September, 2-5pm (BST)
    EARL 2021 - Workshop 2: Package Development in R
  • Wednesday 8th September, 2-5pm (BST)
    EARL 2021 - Workshop 3: Functional Programming with Purrr
    This workshop is part of EARL week! We will be hosting four workshops from th...
  • Thursday 9th September, 2-5pm (BST)
    EARL 2021 - Workshop 4: Web Scraping and Text Mining Lyrics in R
  • Friday 10th September, 8am-5.30pm (BST)
    EARL 2021 - Presentation day
    Today will be the last day of EARL 2021 online - join us for a full day of pr...