Discovering Your Artistic Vision

You are only 3 steps away from better Photographs!

About This The Vision Summit

► Have you ever heard the term "Artistic Vision" and thought, "meh, that's just for Artists?"
... OR
► Have you ever wondered if you might have artistic vision?
... OR
► Have you already discovered your artistic vision, but haven't found ways to sharpen it?

If any of those statements hit home with you, then this webinar series is one you will want to attend! In this three-part series of webinars, we are going to take a dive into Artistic Vision and explore some ways you can access it with things you already have at your disposal right now!

January 27th will kick us off with Tone and YOUR Vision
February 3rd we will focus on Color and YOUR Vision
February 10th we will end with 3 Truths About YOUR Vision
Sessions in the Vision Summit
  • Tone and Your Vision
    To catch the replay for this event, please go here:
  • Color and Your Vision
    Color is one of the most expressive elements in any photograph. Your color c...
  • 3 Truths About Your Vision
    Since starting f.64 Elite and coaching other photographers about their artist...