To catch the replay for this event, please go here: https://f64elite.com/vision-summit-replay-page/

I cannot express enough how important the tones are in your image to help create an experience for your viewer. I have, literally, countless images in my portfolio that were alright straight out of the camera. However, through tone manipulation, I was able to turn them into what I would consider masterpieces!

In the first installment of the Vision Summit, we will look through some of my portfolio images together and I will show you all the tonal work that went into them. Throughout the process, I will make connections to my artistic vision for the piece and how I manipulated the tones to express my vision.

Knowing how to use a tool is one thing, but knowing WHY you are using it is another.
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    Blake Rudis
    Creator of f.64 Academy and f.64 Elite
    Blake Rudis is a classically trained artist who started as a painter, transitioned into printmaking and sculpture, and finally decided to double down on his love for photography. He incorporates his knowledge of aesthetics and color theory in his photography courses and is known for his acclaimed Photoshop® workflow.

    Blake is a self-published author and is an independent photo educator. His past partnerships include Creative Live, Topaz Labs, Plotagraph Pro, and ON1.
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    Blake Rudis